​ We want you to enjoy your fishing trip and  return home safely.  We know how bad weather can ruin your trip.  We do not enjoy seeing our clients being seasick or feeling beaten up by severe weather.  We will inform you of any weather issues and give you our opinion of what sea conditions will be like based on the information we have  available to us. If uncertain weather conditions exist, we will make an agreement as to delay, move or cancel the trip.  We cannot guarantee perfect conditions, but we will not cancel a trip due to rain.

We want you to come fishing with us not just keep your deposit.  Your deposit locks in a date  making it unavailable for others who want that day.  If you don’t show up or give us enough time to book someone else, we lose valuable fishing time.  If a problem should arise, please contact us as soon as  possible to enable us to work with you to find an agreeable solution.

​Cancel 30 days or more  - 100% refundable or credit to a future date
Cancel 14 days or more  -100% credit to a future date              
Cancel 7 days or more  - 50% credit to a future date  
Cancel less than 7 days - No credit or refund 

Mate gratuity is based on the service that you receive.  Standard practice on all charter boats is 15-20% but you may tip higher if you wish.  In the unlikely event that you have problems with the mate,  please bring it to the captain’s attention immediately.     


Lucky Strike Charters 

Niantic, COnnecticut